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Just recently, the Paris Musées gave full access to over 150,000 artworks for the world to use for free.
Artivive used this opportunity and invited their artist community to bring these masterpieces into augmented reality. Artists were asked to break the boundaries of the traditional media, by adding a digital layer to classical works of art with the Artivive tool. More than 300 artists submitted to the open call.
The submissions were kindly curated by Sound: frame, a Vienna-based platform for immersive art, connecting artists and institutions.
The result is an exhibition showcasing the 12 most striking submissions bridging traditional and digital art.


Ahmet Rustem Ekici, Elizabeth Leister, Eve Méthot, Heikki Korkala, Hye Joo Lee, Julia Dorninger, Marcela Drobná, Nancy Jo Ward, Sara Koppel, Susi Vetter, WOLF GANG (Atelier Am Stein),

Wu Cheuk Hei (HOW & HOW)
This exhibition is part of XX ART Flânerie

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