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X-verse Portal Transmitter

X-verse Portal Transmitter

A futuristic art object draws significant inspiration from the concepts of Metatron's Cube and Kaleidoscope. This geometric art piece promises to leave a lasting impression on art, mathematics, and science enthusiasts alike



  • The lighting effect shows over 100 varieties of RGD color effect i.e. red, orange, blue, purple, white. 

  • Each color has wide range of lightness and darkness of the color

  • LED and Kaleidoscope visuals shows over 100 variety of effects


Product Details:  

  • Pre-order Limited Edition Art Piece
  • Limited QTD 999 pcs, Each with signed and number marked 
  • Size: 120mm x 311 mm x 205mm 
  • Material: Acrylic Glass, Reflective Glass
  • Shipment on June 2024 
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