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Step into the X-Verse: A kaleidoscope to a wondrous world, this enchanting device will take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination.

Enter the X-Verse: Journey Beyond Boundaries with the Portal Transmitter

The X-Verse Portal Transmitter, a futuristic art piece that is inspired from the concepts of ancient geometry, Metatron's Cube and Kaleidoscope. Ancient sacred geometry patterns have had a significant influence on design throughout history, defining new expressions in this project. In our design, we showcase the interplay of mirrors' reflections, Polyhedra and Dodecahedron patterns to introduce a spectacular and immersive visual effect to our backers. The design of 360-degree polarization of light and reflective mirror materials are beautifully blended in this geometric art piece that promises to leave a lasting impression for art, mathematics, and science lovers.

Have a look inside! Inner Reflection of Portal Transmitter

The outer design of the portal transmitter is made of mirror-like materials. You can enjoy the refraction effect from the reflective mirror when you swing the object. While the inner part is made of LED and reflective materials. Inspired by the kaleidoscope concept, when you look into the triangle shaped opening, you shall see that the lightning reflection visual further created the infinity extension visual of the hexagon. You will be able to capture the infinity pattern forming the symbols of Flower of Life and interrelated to the creation of all life in the Universe.


The interactive art object is so fun to play with. By clicking on the “Mode” & “Speed” button,  you shall enjoy over 100 varieties of effects with different color effects including red, orange, blue, purple, white color on infinity reflection of colors.

Through simple operation, more than 100 effects can be achieved

Item #2: Dodecahedron X-Verse Kaleidoscope

Our second item, the X-Verse Dodecahedron is the extension accessories of the Portal Transmitter. Some scientists believed that the twelve flat faces of the polyhedron is known as one of the Platonic Solids, and interconnected with the five elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Universe (Ether), forming the infinity space.


  • Hand-made, mirror infinity Dodecahedron object

  • Unique statement home décor

  • There are some holes on the object for you to look inside the belly to enjoy the infinite starry sky refraction effect inside the dodecahedron.

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